30 March 2008

On polite discourse and the like. . .

It's not a secret that the conservative end of the spectrum has demonizing their political foes down to an eloquent art form. That's not to say liberals have not or cannot do the same, but in no way are they as effective as their conservative brethren. If that was case, George W. Bush would have long ago been branded a dry-drunk, spineless little shit who avoided Vietnam and John Kerry (a lackluster presidential nominee, if there ever was one) would have never been tarred as a traitorous soldier in a war where he actually fought and was wounded. But whatever, water under the bridge, right?

The whole point being that this week at Eschacon, progressive blogger and fraternity brother (something I normally don't even think of) Sinfonian has been "live blogging" the the affair. In attendance is the Rude Pundit, the John Valby of liberal political discourse and one of my favorite reads on the tubez (when my truck is working, of course.) Intentionally avoiding any hint of subtlety and going for the throat (or cunt, actually) I present the Rude Pundit's take on the many ways he wouldn't fuck Right-wing harpy and bomb thrower, Ann Coulter.

(note - not a single minute of this is even remotely work or kid friendly)

If you're watching this after you've gone to church, think of it as a way to get the new week of sinning off to a smashing start. . .

(h/t to the Rude One and Sinfonian for reminding me of this skit)