16 April 2009


Why I truly dig this country:

That fellow speaking is Sinfonian*.

The crowd reaction is priceless.

Next up, the inevitable Fourth of July protests. Followed by the completion of the "project" on 9/12.

*A Dirty-Fucking-Hippie Blogger if there ever was one. A Dirty-Fucking-Hippie Blogger with big Dirty-Fucking-Huge Balls, that is.

01 April 2009

I Guess. . . If You're Trying to One-Up Jon Stewart.

Seven minutes and fifty seconds of "HAH HAH We're All Laughing At You and Go Fuck Yourself!!!" that everyone should watch

Wherein Steven Colbert proceeds to tear off Glenn Beck's head, shit down his throat, question his sanity and mock him endlessly and mercilessly.

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Here's to hoping Glenn Beck is dumb enough to go on Colbert's show.

(h/t "them")